Term Rewards Pack 6-10

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Term Rewards Pack 6-10

This pack contains all rewards in terms 6 through 10 and are zipped into 1 folder per term.


Term 6
Contains 4 files
1. High resolution Narmaya illustration
2. Shiho (moralgear), Reimu (Touhou), and Himari sketch collage
3. Colored Panda psd
4. Narmaya psd

Term 7
Contains 3 files
1. High resolution Bremerton illustration
2. Lily sketch collage (4 sketches)
3. Bremerton psd

Term 8
Contains 6 files
1. High resolution Zero Suit Samus illustration
2. Lily, Himari, and Panda sketch (2 versions)
3. Himari sketch
4. Narmaya sketch
5. Zero Suit Samus psd

Term 9
Contains 9 files
1. High resolution Hana Uzaki illustration (plus 2 alternate versions)
2. Ariane sketch
3. Panda sketch (4 versions)
4. Hana Uzaki psd

Term 10
Contains 7 files
1. High resolution Summer Byleth illustration (plus 1 alternate version)
2. Ariane sketch
3. Panda sketch (2 versions)
4. Summer Byleth psd


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